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Welcome to your LexBlog Spot! This site is your private gateway to the LexBlog publishing portals. Please bookmark this URL and keep your username/password safe.

Below you’ll find a list of answers to common questions asked by first-time users, instructions for logging into your new site, and instructions for publishing your first posts. Likewise, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our Success Team at

LexBlog Spot FAQ

Q: Can anyone on the internet find this website?

A: This website is hidden from search engines and is private. Only people you share this private URL with can see it.

Q: What happens after I publish a post?

A: Your posts are automatically syndicated to one or more publicly displayed portals and synced daily. The editors monitor Spot activity and chose the appropriate amount of engagement based on the quality of the post. They can choose to share the post through social media or even feature the post on their homepage.

Q: How can I view all of my published blog posts on this site?

A: You can see all of the posts you have published through the Spot dashboard under the Posts > All Posts menu.

Q: Should I share this website with my colleagues or customers?

A: This site is your private space to draft posts, receive criticism, and test your media. While you are welcome to share the URL, we don’t recommend that you do.

Logging In

You will use your login email address confirmed by LexBlog to create a new password and log into the Dashboard. Once you have successfully logged in, please save the username and password you created for future access.

  • Click the Login link in the top primary menu of this site.
  • When logging into your spot for the very first time, follow these steps to reset your password using your email address: Login to your site

Setup User Profiles

To take advantage of our author featuring tools, add information to your users’ profiles to customize how their name, bio, social handles, and photo appears on your site. Whether you are publishing as one author or multiple authors in your organization, we recommend completing your user profile bios as much as possible so that we can feature your organization’s authors in your portal membership.

Writing your first post

Below you’ll find several resources to help guide the more technical side of writing a Spot.